Wedding Planning Checklist: Section 3: Part 5

Is “wedding dress” the first thing that comes to mind when you think wedding attire? Probably, and we fully support that! But you want your future hubby (and his groomsmen) to look super handsome as well.

Here’s a quick guide to the different styles of men’s formal wear to help you decide which one best fits your wedding.

Daytime or Evening Wedding, Casual

Style: You’ve got options! Suit with collared shirt and dress pants, blazer with khakis or just a collared shirt and dress pants is quite sharp. Linen shirt and pants for anything beachside looks great!

Colors: Light colors are the most popular for casual weddings, but black dress pants do look nice for indoor, evening weddings. Collared shirts are often white or ivory to coordinate with the bride’s wedding dress, but you can choose any color you like.

Daytime Wedding, Semiformal

Style: Suits with nice shirts and ties in the traditional, four-in-hand knot. (image?)

Color: Navy, charcoal and gray are good colors all year-round in any climate. Khaki and white are better colors for warmer seasons and climates.

Daytime Wedding, Formal

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget, chances are you are not planning a formal wedding. Just in case you can pull it off though…

Style: Gray strollers (semiformal jackets cut like a tuxedo) with ties and vests or cummerbunds.

Color: Dark colors in the winter. Light colors in the summer or warm-weather climates.

Evening Wedding, Semiformal

Style: Tuxedos with bow ties and cummerbunds or vests, or nice dark suits. Shirts should be wing-tipped or with turned-down collars.

Colors: Black tuxedos or dark colored suits with white or ivory shirts to coordinate with the bride’s dress. Cummerbunds often coordinate with the color of the bridesmaid dresses, but aren’t required to. Note: cummerbunds, especially colored, are not a flattering look on shorter, more muscular or broad men.

Evening Wedding, Formal

Style: Tuxedos with ties, cummerbunds or vests. White or ivory dinner jackets are also considered evening formal wear.

Colors: Black tuxedos with white or ivory shirts and black ties, cummerbunds or vests. You may add some color to the ties and cummerbunds or vests.


Money-Saving Tip: When it comes to men’s formal or semi-formal wear, renting is probably your best option for saving money.


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