Wedding Planning Checklist: Section 4: Part 1 of 2

We packed this post with so much great information, we had to divide it up! Today we’ll cover interesting statistics from The Wedding Report for 2011, 5 tips for purchasing wedding bands and a quick guide to wedding band metals. Check back tomorrow for another quick guide about shopping genuine diamonds AND affordable diamond alternatives!

The 2011 Wedding Report Says…

• In 2010, brides and grooms spent $9.64 billion on engagement rings and wedding bands.

• Most couples purchase their engagement and wedding rings from large local (national chain) jewelers.

• Diamond use for groom wedding bands saw the biggest increase in demand.

• Engagement ring average carat weight is 1.18.

• The diamond shape “Round” makes up more than half of what consumers want.

• White gold continues to be the most popular metal choice.

• Approximately 26% of couples said they personalize or customize their engagement ring and wedding bands.

• When it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands, brides and grooms say that durability, design and style are most important.

• The prime timeframe appears to be at least 6 months plus for both researching and paying for the engagement ring and wedding bands.


5 Purchasing Tips

1. On average, couples spend about 2% of their wedding budget on the wedding bands.

2. Order wedding bands no later than four months before the wedding date.

3. Wedding bands don’t have to match.

4. A lower karat gold is actually more durable.

5. White gold is popular because it looks like silver, it’s durable and it’s reasonably priced.


A Quick Guide to Wedding Bands

• 24k = 100% gold

• 18k = 74% gold

• 14k = 58.5% gold

• Yellow gold – The higher the gold percentage, the richer the color and softer the band. Therefore, 14k is actually more durable than solid gold due to the metal additives.

• White gold – White gold looks like silver and is stronger than yellow gold.

• Platinum – Also looks like silver but stronger than gold and more expensive.


Check back Saturday for the diamond-shopping guide and great diamond alternatives!