Wedding Planning Checklist: Section 4: Part 3

As you begin your search for wedding invitations, check out this post, Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitations — 5 Questions to Ask Yourself. These helpful questions will steer you in the right direction and help you narrow down your choices.

Or if you are about to order your wedding invitations, here are some important things to remember before ordering — and a checklist of stationery pieces you may need.


Deciding how many wedding invitations to order.

It’s easier to calculate than you think. When determining the quantity you’ll need, make note of these simple guidelines:

• One invitation should be sent per couple

• Children under 18 years old can be included on their parents’ invitations; older children, especially those not living at home, should receive their own invitations

• Send one invitation to single guests; you may write “and guest” on the inner envelope if they are welcome to bring a date, or send a separate invitation to the guest’s date

• Include 25 extra invitations with your order so you’ll be covered in case of last-minute guest list additions. You’ll also have a few left as keepsakes! It costs far less to include 25 extra invitations with your initial order than to place a new order for 25 invitations.

Common mistakes made when mailing invitations.

• Ordering invitations too late; therefore, sending the invitations too late. Couples should order wedding invitations about 4 months ahead of time. This allows time for addressing and sending invitations 6-8 weeks before the wedding, which gives guests plenty of time to make travel plans, adjust schedules, find babysitters, etc.

• Spending too much or too little on postage. Take a fully assembled invitation with all enclosure cards and envelopes to be weighed at the post office to determine exact postage needed. Many invitations mail for the cost of a standard stamp. Some styles cost more due to size and/or shape (eg. marquis [square] invitations).

• Licking every envelope — not necessary!  An envelope moistener is totally worth a few dollars.

Accidentally using old addresses. The best defense you have against someone not receiving an invitation is making sure you know they didn’t receive it. Making your return address clean and legible is important. If your handwriting isn’t the best, or you want to save time on addressing, have us print your envelopes with the return address. Choose the same ink color and typestyle as your invitations for a fully coordinated look.


The Checklist: The invitation…plus everything else you need.

The basics that you need include:

Wedding Invitations – Of course.

Response Cards – These are how you tally who is attending your wedding, and are essential for the caterer.

Reception Cards – Inform guests when and where the post-wedding celebration is.

Envelopes – Inner and outer envelopes are included with all discount wedding invitations and response cards. Upgrade to a lined inner envelope to add color.

Thank You Cards – A thank you card should be sent to every wedding guest.


Additional Stationery that takes you beyond the basics include:

Save the Date Cards – They are a wonderful way to notify your guests well in advance of the event.  Save the Dates can be sent out four to twelve months in advance allowing important family and friends who will need to travel to your wedding location.

Announcements – If you had a small wedding or a destination wedding, you may want to send wedding announcements to friends and family who couldn’t make it. Any of our discount wedding invitations can be used as wedding announcements with just a change of wording.

Direction/Map Cards – Although direction cards aren’t a requirement, they’re quickly becoming a standard addition to the invitation ensemble.

Accommodations Cards – If you have several guests who will be traveling, it’s courteous to reserve accommodations or present them with hotel information near the wedding site.

At Home Cards – If you will be moving shortly before or after the wedding, include at home cards with your invitations.

Informal Cards – Informal cards are printed with your names and can be used for both thank yous and as correspondence after the wedding.

Seals – Envelope seals secure your invitation ensemble and they add a stylish finishing touch. You can even order extra seals and use them to accent gifts, favors, thank you notes and gratuity envelopes.