A color without limits, purple has become a new trend in today’s wedding colors. It can be dressed up for formal affairs or dressed down for casual ones. Best of all, it’s not limited to any season.

Purple is the result of combining the warmest and coolest of colors, red and blue, and is believed to be the “ideal” color. Purple has been used to symbolize evocative themes, such as magic, mystery and royalty. Favored by most artists, this color encourages fantasy and imagination — no wonder it’s a new romantic favorite for today’s couples!

Try pairing purple with one of these meaningful colors, and you’ll really make a statement:

Yellow — Symbolizes wisdom and evokes feelings of joy and happiness.
Green — The color of nature, fertility, life and harmony.
Red — Symbolizes life and vitality.
Brown — Reflects a wholesome feeling and an appreciation for nature.
Pink — The universal color of love.

Flowers and Flourish Grapevine Wedding Invitations

We recommend adding accents to your wedding invitations to bring out your wedding colors. Consider tying satin ribbon around your invite card or adding rhinestones to draw attention to the design element.

Tell us what color you would pair purple with and why?