What is bright white compared to white? Is ecru the same as cream? Is ivory kind of like ecru? All great questions and easily answered!



BRIGHT WHITE – stunningly white paper that’s crisp and clear. It’s the perfect prelude to a “white” wedding. Feel free to order a sample of a “bright white” invite and a “white” invite to compare. Example: Going Twice wedding invitation shown here.







WHITE – this smooth, almost vanilla-colored invitation paper has been the favorite of brides and grooms for decades. Sometimes called traditional white or soft white. Example: Snow White wedding invitation.








ECRU – a subtle touch of creamy color gives ecru paper warmth, which is perfect for an elegant wedding. Ecru is sometimes called cream, but should not be confused with ivory. Example: Going Once wedding invitation shown here.





IVORY – close to white but with tints of yellow, cream or peach. We don’t use the term ivory for our invitations, but we do have ivory accessories and decorations.


Helpful Fact: Ecru comes from the French word écru, which means “raw” or “unbleached.” In the world of modern day weddings, ecru is simply a color. It doesn’t necessarily mean the paper or material is raw or unbleached.


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