Paint markers are so much fun! With a little imagination, you can create anything from spooky votive holders to Halloween shot glasses.


Get started by finding the right colors of paint markers (be sure to read the directions to make sure they’ll work on glass). We found a spiderweb design we wanted and sized it appropriately to fit our glasses. We then taped the piece of paper inside the glass with the design pointing outward, which allowed us to trace the design with a paint marker onto the outside of the glass. It only takes a few minutes to dry, and the paint will come off with soap, water and a little scrubbing.

What a great wedding reception idea, too! Handwrite the names of each bridal party member on toasting flutes and place them at the head table for a personal touch.


Halloween Tip: Sprinkle plastic spiders or bugs on tables and serving trays like confetti, and don’t forget the personalized napkins!