A wedding requires so much planning that it’s simply inevitable you’re going to forget a few important details. So we’ve compiled a list of often forgotten items you can still get last minute.


1. List of Important Phone Numbers

We’re talking mom, dad, siblings, maid of honor, personal attendant and wedding vendors. Anyone who can help you get information or solve a last-minute problem.


2. Gratuity Envelopes

Gratuity envelopes are a nice way to pay for wedding-day services. Not all wedding-day services will be paid for that day, but you’ll want a tasteful enclosure for those that are (possibly the officiant, ceremony musicians and reception deejay or band).


3. Wedding Party Gifts and Gifts for the Parents

Make a list of the bridal party and others involved in your wedding. Then write an appreciation gift next to each name. The gift may be a simple thank you card or a gift you have prepared.


4. Flower Basket or Ring Pillow

Be sure to have flower petals for the basket and fake rings for the pillow.


5. Aisle runner

If you need to do a little last-minute decoration at the church, aisle runners add beautiful impact with little effort.


6. Tissues

These are a must-have in your wedding-day emergency kit. See our post, Be Prepared with a Bride’s Emergency Kit, for a complete list of items needed.


7. Guest Book AND Guest Book Pen

The guest book pen is often overlooked. Find a nice pen at the nearest home-office supply store or get fancy with guest book pens and get what you really want from Ann’s (no worries – we can ship overnight)— unless you’d rather sport the blue and white plastic beauty from your mother’s purse.



8. Thank You Cards

Check your thank you card supply and make sure you have plenty for the wedding day and the many gifts you’ll receive.



9. Extra Nylons

Girls, you know this. Always have an extra pair of nylons on hand.



10. Card Box

Do you have a place to put all the greeting cards you’ll receive at the gift table? Whether you choose a decorative card box or a lovely basket, you’ll want something to gather the cards.



11. Bouquet Holders

If you want to spiff up the head table a little, just add bouquet holders. They’re easy to use and allow you to display those beautiful floral arrangements throughout the night, which means you can spend less on floral decorations at the reception.


12. Serving Set

Be sure your cake table has a serving set that’s just as beautiful as the cake itself. The caterer or baker may provide one, but you may want to purchase your own to use at the wedding and long after.


13. Toss Garters

You certainly don’t want to toss the real thing, do you? Get yourself a keepsake garter and a less fancy toss garter.




14. Tide to Go Pen

Spills are going to happen. Be prepared.


15. Last-Minute Travel Details

If you’re traveling right after the wedding, make sure you have all the necessities: passport, airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc.


P.S. Most invitation orders and other printed and personalized pieces are packaged and ready to ship in 3-5 business days. Other items, like gifts, accessories and decorations, ship right away and take about 3 business days to arrive at your door. Please let us know if you need a rush order. We’re happy to help!