With an inexpensive glass cylinder and some beautiful decorations, you can create a holiday centerpiece that’s perfect for winter weddings, holiday parties or home décor. You may already have a few of these glass cylinders at home. They come in several sizes but I recommend the 6″ cylinder for centerpieces, so guests can talk over it when sitting down.

Holiday and Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Tip: Many of the decorations and embellishments used in these centerpieces can be found at your local hobby store. Take advantage of after-holiday sales to purchase ornaments, ribbon and holiday accents at reduced prices.


  1. Want to glam it up? Grab a square silver charger — the plate/tray that goes under a dinner plate — and place a glass cylinder with white candle in the center. Then place smaller votives around it. We added color with a variety of pink ornaments and some faceted baubles. You can also use beaded garland swirled around the charger.
  2. For a dramatic look, we lined the glass cylinder with a black linen napkin and we wrapped the rim with fancy beaded trim (attached with double-sided tape). Then we added a few black feathers and one large ornament with a dangling black ribbon. The Initials and Heart Favor Label in ebony creates the finishing touch.
  3. A winter wonderland in silver and white. The base is a felt snowflake and the cylinder is filled with silver ornaments and snowflakes of all shapes and sizes. Prop a few snowflakes up around the cylinder and sprinkle on the table. Top the cylinder off with a larger snowflake on the edge. The larger snowflake is perfect for holding table numbers.
  4. Classic, natural, beautiful. Not to mention inexpensive! Cut a 3 in. wide strip of burlap and pull a few cords away at the edges to get a nice frayed look. Wrap it around the cylinder and tie with ribbon and cord. Fill the cylinder with pinecones and add a small pinecone and evergreen piece as an outer accent. We used real pinecones but artificial greens since real evergreens can be sappy and messy. For an extra woodsy feel, consider setting the centerpiece on a round piece of log cut about 1 in. thick.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to make a unique holiday centerpiece of your own, maybe even several for your next holiday event!