I love the stylish yet affordable invitations we offer at Ann’s. I especially love that so many of them are easily embellished with that perfect DIY touch, adding unique character to your invite.

Best of all, we do the hard part! Our invitations are professionally printed, so you can have fun adding your own DIY details and tying those elements into the rest of your wedding. We even sell our ribbon in bulk rolls so you don’t have to worry about running out.

Whether you’re a DIY novice or expert, here are some ideas to get you inspired!

Wedding Invitations with Ribbon & Rhinestones

1. Feather Fancy – Invitation with Free Respond Card. Added a 3/8” aqua satin ribbon and aqua rhinestones to accent the feathers.

2. Positively Glowing – in petal pink. Added a 3/8” pink satin ribbon and a white chiffon ribbon to tie knot with a romantic twist!

3. Floral Shadow – in canary yellow. Added a golden shimmer backer card (find at a scrapbook store), 3/8” brown and canary satin ribbon tied together in a knot and secured with hot glue.

4. True Serendipity – in petal pink. Added a simply sophisticated touch with a black satin stick-on bow. Stick-on bows are easy, beautiful and perfect every time!

5. High Style – Separate and Send Invitation. Added a 5/8” amethyst satin ribbon, tied a knot at the center of the invite and wrapped the ribbon around the back. Secured the ribbon edges with hot glue on the back. Also added a ribbon knot to the matching Damask Favor Boxes.

6. Happily Ever After – Tri-fold Invitation. Used purple chiffon ribbon and tied a large, luxurious bow around the invitation to give it that fairy-tale feel.

7. Framed Monogram – in lagoon green. Kept it simple and elegant with clear rhinestone accents within the design.

8. Pretty Patterns – Separate and Send Invitation. Added a splash of color with 3/8” purple and fuchsia satin ribbon. Cut a slit above and below the oval design and weaved ribbons over the top of the invite, under oval frame and back threw the bottom slit.

Don’t forget you can request a free sample of your favorite wedding invitation, then decide how to embellish it! Remember the size of the embellishments you use may affect the size of envelopes you’ll need. Be sure you have room! If not, you’ll need to find larger outer envelopes — or just give us a call. We’ll give you a larger envelope with your order.