Wedding guests love to clink their glasses and put the happy newlyweds in the hot seat for a little PDA. However, couples are getting clever and creating their own versions of this fun tradition. Here are our favorites…

Double Up

Keep the respond cards you get back in the mail, tuck them into a cute basket and bring it to your reception. When guests clink their glasses, pull out a card to see who will be joining you in a kiss. Make them stand up, too!

Love, Love, Love

Make your guests sing a song with the word love in it. (Okay, you can let them just recite the lyrics if they’re too shy, but don’t tell anyone that.)

Story Time

Make your guests tell a story about the bride and/or groom. This can be risky, but a lot of fun!


Game Show Style

Make your guests answer a trivia question about one or both of you. Give the trivia questions to your DJ prior to the reception so he can facilitate the game.


Got Skills?

Have your guests come to the front of the room and play whatever game you have set up: bean bag toss, a putting green game or darts are all great options. You only kiss if the guest scores.


Newlyweds’ Choice

Make a list of people you want to see kiss — parents, grandparents, friends — and when the clinking starts, choose a couple to kiss in your place.