April Fools Prankster

April Fools! Who doesn’t love this mini holiday packed with funny jokes and pointless pranks? We’ve put together five of our favorite pranks that are perfectly harmless but lots of fun!


1. Eggsellent

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a big fan of eggs in the morning, hard boil all of the eggs in your fridge and watch as he/she attempts to make breakfast.


2. Explanation Required

Hide some lingerie in your boyfriend’s glove compartment box. When you get in the car, open the glove box for a tissue and act shocked as the silky undergarments fall out. Look over like he has some serious explaining to do and enjoy the look on his face!


3. In Bad Taste

Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you’re super excited to make a new recipe for supper. Make it as disgusting as possible and watch as they try to eat it. Have something delicious in hand like Chinese takeout or pizza when you reveal the prank.


4. You’ve Got Mail

After you get the mail, fill the mailbox with ping-pong balls or packing peanuts for a fun surprise they can’t avoid!

5. Split Decision

Place a $5 dollar bill on the living room floor at home and when they try to pick it up, tear a piece of cloth so it sounds like they split their pants. The look you get should be priceless.