packing for your honeymoon

Packing for your wedding night may seem like one of the easier tasks on your list of wedding to-dos, but we recommend starting a packing list 2-3 weeks before your wedding. This will give you time to think of all the things you will need plus time to purchase things you don’t currently have.

If you’re planning for just one night, your packing list will be fairly minimal and you can focus on remembering the things that will make your wedding night special. These things could include lingerie, champagne, chocolates and any other items you might want for such a special occasion. We won’t bore you with a checklist of regular travel items since you probably already have that figured out.

If you’re packing for your wedding night and honeymoon, you have quite a bit more to think about. Wondering where to begin? Here’s a great checklist from The Knot, and you’ll also want to read 10 Helpful Tips for Packing Light to get you started.

Start writing your packing list and gathering necessities. Packing early means less stress in those final days before the wedding and more time to enjoy the wedding