The Wedding Gown

A bride will need to schedule on average 2-4 fittings for her wedding gown. If the dress is store bought, two fittings are likely. The wedding gown should be complete at least three weeks before the wedding. Most bridal shops and alteration shops recommend you pick-up your gown a few days before the wedding. You might be tempted to pick it up earlier, but if the dress is at the bridal shop it’s less likely to get damaged in any way.

picking up bridesmaids dresses

The Bridesmaid Dresses

Since the bridesmaids are responsible for picking up their dresses and having them altered, the bride can rest easy for this task. Bridesmaids should try on their dress when they pick it up and request any alterations needed. Most bridal shops will do the alterations in store, but your bridesmaids may choose to take their dresses elsewhere for alterations. That is just fine, as long as all dresses are finished by at least 2 weeks before the wedding.

picking up tuxes

The Groom and Groomsmen Attire

Tailor-made tuxedos and rented formal wear should be ordered at least three months prior to the wedding. The groom or groomsmen will have to schedule a fitting if purchasing a tailor-made tuxedo or suit. If renting, groomsmen who don’t live locally should get professionally measured and send their measurements to the rental facility at least 1 month before the wedding. Typically when renting, the groom and groomsmen will try the full tuxedo or suit rental on sometime during the week before the wedding. Even though most rental shops are great about ensuring you receive a quality product, the men should still keep a lookout for the following things when trying on their attire.


• Is it the correct style and color?

• Are the jacket sleeves the right length?

• Are all buttons accounted for and button properly?

• Is the tuxedo or suit too big or too small?

• Are buttons in place for attaching suspenders?

• Is the shirt sleeve length correct?

• Is the neck a comfortable fit?

• Do cuff links fit properly into button holes?

• Is the tie, cumberbund or vest provided?

• Do the shoes fit? match?

• Does everyone have the proper socks?

• Do the pants zip and fasten properly?

• Are there stains, holes, cigarette burns or frayed edges.

Note: You will want to designate someone to return all rented formal wear the day after the wedding. One person can return multiple tuxedos or suits. Usually this is the duty of the best man, but choose whomever you would like.


The Ushers and Ring Bearer Attire

The ushers normally rent the same attire as the groomsmen, but some couples choose to let the ushers wear their own suits. In this case you will want to tell them the color of suit, shirt and tie you would like them to wear as well as what color/style of pants to wear. The ring bearer’s outfit traditionally coordinates with the groom’s attire, but does not have to match exactly. Parents may choose to purchase or rent an outfit for the ring bearer. This usually depends on how formal the outfit needs to be. Suits may be used again, but tuxedos are less likely to be reused.


There you have it, a few pointers for picking up your bridal party attire before the wedding. We’re certain the ladies will look gorgeous and the gents will be dashing! Enjoy the day and the company.