Why are we talking about winter in July? We thought all the brides out there planning a winter wedding might appreciate some inspiration! So we pulled together some of our favorite winter wedding trends that are totally affordable.

winter wedding trends

1. Evergreens

Evergreen trees become beautiful backdrops at outdoor weddings, and you can trim a few branches to use as decoration around your reception. Use them along reception tables or hang them from the backs of chair with jute cord. Present your theme to guests with an evergreen wedding invitation like the one shown.

2. Pine Cones

The pinecone bouquets shown here are naturally super cute! Pinecone bouquets might be time consuming, but you can use pinecones everywhere at you wedding. Fill glass vases with pinecones and use them as centerpieces. Sprinkle little pinecones along reception tables. Add just a few to floral arrangements, bouquets or boutonnieres.

3. Birch Wood

Birch wood is a classic symbol of natural style and a passion for the outdoors. We offer a birch wood wedding invitation that’s really fun. Birch wood and birch bark is great to work with, so find a nice tree trunk to cut into chunks as cake stands or centerpieces. Look for some clean strands of birch bark and start playing with ideas. That’s what we’ll be doing during our upcoming trip to the north woods. We’ll be gathering birch wood and creating some cheap wedding decoration ideas for your nature-inspired celebration. You’re going to love it! We’ll be posting those ideas in August so stay tuned.

Images courtesy of: table setting & cake, Green Wedding Shoes | bouquets, Rustic Wedding Chic