From growing up in the country, I love adding rustic elements to anything I can. That’s why I chose to dress up the Banners & Swirls wedding invitation. It’s simple, elegant and elaborate, but I found that with the right colors and embellishments, I could add my own rustic charm to it.

Rustic wedding invitations with embellishments

There are multiple paper options, but I chose to use the matte paper for a more casual feel.


Rustic wedding invitation with wood textured paper backing, doilies and pearlsBark ink, wood textured paper backing, doilies framing the bottom outline, and pearl accents near the top.

Brown wedding invitation with twin and flower embellishmentEspresso ink with canary imprint, straw rope and canary flower with pearl glued to the center.


Green wedding invitation textured paper backing, flower embellishment with buttonMoss ink, wood textured paper backing, and canary flower with button glued to the center.


Brown wedding invitation with gold ribbonEspresso ink with gold ribbon.


Rustic wedding invitation with twine Timber ink with roping around the framing.

 You can find these simple embellishments at your local hobby store, making it pretty inexpensive to dress up your rustic wedding invitations!