I was recently given the task to order 600 cookies for an employee event on Valentine’s Day. I started out looking into chocolates (too expensive!), then hard candies (not much bang for your buck) and then I stumbled upon cookies. I called a local grocer first, and then a popular restaurant in town. Then it occurred to me that the nearby gas station always has sugar cookies with colored frosting during the holidays. I called them up, asked if they could handle 600 cookies on Valentine’s Day and they said yes…for only $150! (Are you wondering about quality right now? Don’t worry, I’ve taste tested these cookies plenty.)

I’m just sayin’…if you want cookies or other baked goods for your wedding, look for great wedding deals in unlikely places. Will anyone know I purchased our Valentine’s Day cookies from the local gas station? They might now if anyone reads this post, but otherwise the answer is NO. No one will know if you don’t tell. But if you’re anything like me, you might just drop a few “bragments” (bragging comments) to your friends and coworkers.

find great bargains in unlikely places