With the 2014 Winter Olympics approaching, I thought I would share a fun, Olympic-related event: Wedding Olympics. At first I couldn’t believe that such an event existed, but it does!

San Francisco Wedding Olympics

The Wedding Olympics event takes place in San Francisco, California. A group of wedding vendors, such as wedding planners, floral designers, and photographers, get together and participate in fun and silly games, as well as getting the chance to network with one another. People are allowed to buy tickets to the event, with all ticket proceeds going to Wish Upon A Wedding.

Brides get ready...on your marks...get set...go!

Sound like fun? Host your own Wedding Olympics event! This would be a great idea for your wedding party to get to know each other better before your wedding. It allows the wedding party to let loose, have some fun, and get a little competitive! Host your Wedding Olympics event the week or the night before your wedding so the wedding party can get familiar with one another – it will make them feel more comfortable around each other for your big day!

Wedding Olympics Team


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