The wedding reception and accompanying celebration should be all about the bride and groom, but we tend to fail when it comes to music choices. First dance, daddy-daughter waltz, and bouquet-toss songs and garter-toss songs seem to be the same no matter what wedding you attend – boring! Show your personal flare and attitude when going through your wedding checklist by choosing a more obscure tune that gives your guests a jump in their step. Here are some great alternative bouquet toss songs (I mean, I love Beyonce, but enough “Single Ladies”):

Toss your bouquet to a unique song.

1. “She’s a Genius” – Jet
This song is, of course, about a girl – a girl who’s a total fierce! The chorus of the song starts with “That’s girl’s a genius,” and the entire song basically explains why. It’s the perfect tune to call out your ladies because it will help instill that single and proud attitude you want them to have. The bouquet toss can be a great time, or it can feel awkward if the girls aren’t confident as they step on the dance floor. “She’s a Genius” will eliminate all stage fright and promote a great time. Thanks, Jet!

2. “Candlelight” – Relient K
This tune isn’t rock  ‘n’ roll like the Jet song, but it is a great confidence booster. The girls at your wedding are hitting the dance floor in hopes that they’ll be the next to get married, and this Relient K song celebrates remarkable women. The chorus goes, “She’s almost brighter than the sun. Seems to me to be unfair when you consider everyone who pales when they compare.” The women attending your wedding certainly are one-of-a-kind, and this song reminds them that whoever they eventually marry will love them for their unique qualities.

3. “Independent Women Part I” – Destiny’s Child
OK, so we haven’t totally abandoned Beyonce. This Destiny’s Child song may be a blast from the past, but it’s a great bouquet-toss song. The lyrics are all about being a, well, independent woman. Celebrate the fact that the girls at your wedding are fabulous all on their own by choosing this tune. One of lines in this song mentions relationships, saying how they are are 50/50. So while “Independent Women” is a mantra for self-sustaining ladies, it also shows that when they are in a relationship, these girls make a great partner.

3. “American Woman” – Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz just can’t handle the lady he’s singing about! She’s fierce, independent and a total knockout. Show the single girls at your wedding just how powerful they are by tossing your bouquet to this song.