Hand making centerpieces, cheap wedding favors and custom decor is a lot to handle on your own. Wondering how you’re going to get it all done? Fortunate for you, you have a small army of close friends who are there to help you. Your bridal party consists of friends and family and you should make the most of their support. Of course, you may not know who should do what. Check out these handy tips for delegating do-it-yourself tasks:

Your bridal party can help you DIY your wedding.

Don’t be afraid
Many brides take on too much work because they’re afraid to ask for help. Your bridal party is there to support you in any way possible, so let them do their job.

Pick repeatable tasks
You don’t want your bridal party to take on the tasks that require your special touch. For example, you may want to save writing the thank you notes for you and your fiance – believe me, your grandma will know if you wrote it. However, other projects can be replicated by anyone. Your bridesmaids can assemble centerpieces, make banners and package favors. Start this process by creating an example for each item. Focus on getting these done before making more crafts so the bridal party can jump in and help. Once you have examples or stencils, show your bridal party what you did and how then let them continue the work.

Delegate based on skill
If your maid of honor has amazing handwriting, have her write various signs, such as “bride’s family to the left.” Look for creative capabilities that your bridal party has and try to place the right people on the appropriate jobs. Don’t put your color-blind friend on tasks that require a good sense of color matching. Make sense? You can even ask your friends and family which tasks they would prefer to do in order to get the ball rolling.

Make time
With all the craziness of completing your wedding checklist, it’s easy overbook yourself. Rather than letting opportunities to get help fly by, plan them. Set a date and time for your bridal party to come over and decorate centerpieces, or pick a recurring day (every Wednesday at 6 p.m., for example). This will help you stay on track and avoid doing everything yourself – it’s easy to go into a DIY frenzy.

This time doesn’t just have to be about making cheap wedding decorations either. Get a bottle of wine and some snacks and use the time to enjoy the company of your bridal party – crafting is so much more fun with wine and good company! You’ll reduce your stress and be productive.