Now is the time to get to the nitty gritty of planning your autumn wedding. It might be difficult to picture the rich tones of the fall season while you’re excited about spring (finally, we get a little sunshine!), but you don’t have any time to lose! If you’re getting married during this transitional time, take a look at these design tips for a fall theme:

Create a beautiful look for your autumn wedding.

Start with the palette
Colors are one of the most iconic parts about autumn. You’ll be surrounded by golden, burnt orange, bright red and even a few green leaves, so why not use those shades in your wedding decorations? You can find fall color inspiration by looking at some of your favorite photos from the season. For example, check out family pictures you took outside and note the colors you see. You can think of it this way: Spring is young while autumn is mature. The hues you select should be deep and rich.

Go seasonal
Every season brings new produce and foliage that you can use in your nuptials, and fall is no exception. Make the most of these autumnal favorites by incorporating them throughout your wedding. The meal, decor and accessories can all use items like apples, pine cones and sunflowers. Your dinner might include a roasted apple slaw, squash soup and mini pumpkin pies (they’re cute and delicious!), and your drinks can use similar ingredients – apple martini anyone? Try adding seasonal flowers to your bouquet and use gourds in your centerpieces. The options are limitless.

Pick a motif
Because there are so many great autumn elements (such as pumpkins, apples, sunflowers and leaves), it’s easy to make your decor too busy. Instead of trying to capture all of fall in your event, pick a single motif to use throughout the ceremony and reception. For example, if you like the idea of creating a fall-leaf theme, you may choose the Fall Leaves Wedding Invitation, design centerpieces filled with leaves, and walk down a leaf-strewn aisle.

Narrow it down
A motif certainly helps you create a cohesive wedding day, and so will specifying your theme. Rather than saying “My wedding concept is autumn,” you can select a single aspect of the season. A harvest wedding, for instance, still uses an autumn backdrop, but is a bit more concentrated. You can use wheat as your motif (try making boutineers out of wheat) and serve seasonal foods. Your centerpieces could feature a cornucopia spilling gorgeous fall objects.

Take a look at our fall wedding invitations to get ideas for your autumn wedding!