You want to have a wedding card box at your reception, trust me. Your guests are likely to come bearing a congratulatory note (some of which are stuffed with checks) to help you start off your marriage with well wishes. A card box is a place where your guests can deposit their stationery without asking you what do with them. Of course, your wedding is going to be a totally one-of-a-kind affair, so your card box should be as well. Instead of placing an ordinary box at your reception venue, consider using one of these totally creative and vintage-inspired alternatives, and check “pick a card box” off your wedding planning checklist:


Vintage suitcase
Are you having a rustic or retro wedding? Why not create a card depository that suits your concept by setting out a piece of luggage? Look for a vintage piece at your local thrift store in a small size – it should fit comfortably on a small table. Leave the suitcase open so guests can easily place their cards inside. You can also decorate your luggage with vintage photos or bunting. Consider making a sign that says “cards” so guests know what the luggage is for.

A cute basket would fit well with an outdoor wedding. These receptacles are a great card holder choice because you can find them in so many different styles! For example, you can use a classic picnic basket to hold stationery. As with the suitcase, consider decorating your card basket using the your wedding color scheme.

Burlap sack
Who said you have to store your cards in a box? Why not have your guests drop their congratulations in a bag? You can place a burlap sack decorated with you and your fiance’s names on your reception table. The bag may also contain the word “cards,” along with the date of your wedding.

If you or someone you know is crafty, you can build a wooden card box in the style of a birdhouse. The box can be a straight-up birdhouse – in which case the roof unhinges so guests can drop in their cards – or have a deposit slip cut in the top. Have fun painting and decorating your birdhouse to match the wedding. Some craft stores even sell plain wood birdhouses that you can then adorn. Making your box will be a fun and relaxed activity that will help you unwind before the wedding.