You want your wedding to speak volumes about your taste and personality, which is why you’ve been looking for the perfect colors. Of course, choosing your palette can seem like a big task when you look at your wedding planning checklist (an intimidating document in and of itself). Never fear! Help is here. Simply take a look at some of the hottest colors for 2014. One of my ultimate favorites is royal blue.

Royal blue can go a long way in your big day!

What it says
Royal blue, as the name may imply, is a rich tone. It’s the color of sapphire and the deepest parts of the ocean. Royal blue can be used to say any number of things. Whether you want a nautical, opulent or simple wedding, the hue covers it all. It can be the star or just one of many colors in your palette. For example, if you want a tropical wedding, pair royal blue with magenta, true green and yellow. However, you can match royal blue with periwinkle and two shades of green for a more subtle approach.

Where to use it
Bridesmaids dresses or flower girl dresses and flowers are the most obvious places to implement your royal color choice (and you should by all means use the shade there), but you have other options as well. Your wedding invitations are a great place to add your wedding color. Our In Love- Seal and Send Invitation is a great example of a royal blue invitation.  Other places to include royal blue: Your cake, shoes, decor, table setting and favors can all include royal blue – the sky’s the limit If you want this hue to be the main focus, use it often.

Royal blue flower ideas
Most flowers can be dyed any color you want, so be on the lookout for blooms you like. Of course, you can always go for the real thing (especially when you can find blooms that are naturally royal blue). Here are some blue flowers you can find in nature that will look great with your color scheme:

Iris: This beautiful plant has drooping and ruffled petals and comes in numerous varieties. Look for the flower in blueberry blue to ensure it matches your wedding. It would make a great accent flower in any arrangement.

Convolvulus tricolor blue ensign: The convolvulus ensign has connected petals that form five points. The tricolor blue variety starts yellow in the center, fades to white, then ends in a brilliant blue. This is a great flower if you want it to match yellow and white in your wedding.