Traditionally, brides thanks their attendants by giving them gifts. Your bridesmaids presents tell your girls just how much you appreciate their support and love their presence in your life. However, you don’t have to give just a single gift – many brides decided to create a themed basket of goodies. This option allows you to pour thanks over your friends and give them fun and creative presents. Here are some ideas sure to get the ball rolling:

BridesmaidGiftIdeasPamper basket
Helping a friend or loved one plan their wedding can be stressful – many bridesmaids help address wedding invitations and try on numerous dresses! Give your girls a chance to unwind by crafting a pamper basket. Your bin should be filled with spa-inspired items that help the ladies in their journey to tranquility. The basket might include a comfy robe (that the girls can wear while getting ready for your wedding), slippers, a facial mask and cute nail polish.

Instead of putting all these items in a basket, wrap them and store them in a personalized gift tote. The bag can say “bridesmaid” on the side so the girls have something to remember their wedding duties by.

Party basket
If you love having fun with your bridesmaids, then turn their gifts into a party tool kit. You can include drink koozies that say “bridesmaid,” a variety of shot glasses and even a bottle or two of your favorite drink. Have the girls open the gift at your bachelorette party to liven up your time together.

Accessory basket
You probably want your bridesmaids to match on your wedding day, and many brides achieve the cohesive look by insisting on identical accessories. Instead of having your ladies purchase jewelry or hair pieces, fill a basket with the items and give them as a present. This way, you can pick out the jewelry you like and ensure that all the girls have what they need for your big day. Besides, then your friends will have a great piece to wear whenever they want after the wedding (score!).

Thoughtful basket
Show your bridesmaids just how much they mean to you by devising a present filled with things they love. For example, if your maid of honor loves to read, get her a gift card to her favorite book store, a bunch of personalized bookmarks, and coffee beans to make before she sits down with a story. Put a lot of thought into the contents of each basket to ensure every girl gets the things she loves.