The World Cup is underway as teams from across the globe face off for the title. If you and your fiance are huge soccer (or football, depending on your preference) fans, you may consider incorporating World Cup details in your wedding. Of course, finding inspiration from this international event can lead to numerous theme ideas – you can have a World Cup concept or a more general soccer one. The choice is yours! Read on for some fun nuptial ideas sure to have your guests shouting “Ole!”

Team tables
The tables you assign for your wedding reception are meant to bring guests together. Successful table arrangements are full of people who hit it off immediately and end up having a great night together, whether or not they knew each other before the wedding. You can foster an atmosphere of team spirit at your reception by forgoing table numbers for table names. Assign each table a different soccer team, be it a country participating in the World Cup or a city-based team. Consider framing the team’s logo and placing it near the center of the table so guests can find their way to the correct spot. Don’t forget to include the team name on your guests’ escort cards!

Soccer footwear
Have a little fun during your photo shoot by bringing the soccer theme to your bridal party’s wardrobe. Guys have to wear long dress socks with their tuxedos, but you can introduce some creativity by giving them matching soccer socks instead. These solid-colored socks typically feature a colored stripe on the sides. Pick socks that incorporate your wedding hues. Make sure the guys lift up their pant legs for photos to display the homage to soccer.

You can take footwear a step further by dressing your bridal party in cleats. However, make sure your venue allows such footwear. The spikes on the bottoms of such shoes could pose a problem for some locations. Outside, soccer cleats should be acceptable, but they might not work out indoors. Ask the venue manager before you settle on including cleats.

Team roster
Many couples like to include information about their bridal party in their wedding programs. The people standing up during the ceremony mean a lot to you, so why not let other guests get to know them? Instead of having brief descriptions tagged onto the programs, consider adding another piece of paper: a team roster. The card can feature the image of a soccer field and pictures of the bridal party. Next to each photo, write the player’s stats. For example, for “position” you may write “maid of honor.” This fun detail plays up the soccer theme in a subtle way.

Black and white invites
A traditional soccer ball features black and white hexagons. Nod to this classic color scheme by selecting black and white wedding invitations. Taking the color part of your soccer theme and using it for invites is a great way to ensure your stationery is elegant while in line with the rest of your concept. Be consistent throughout your event by selecting black and white save the dates, programs and thank you cards.

Table trivia
While each table at your wedding should be filled with laughter, sometimes your guests won’t know how to break the ice. Help them out by giving them trivia cards to use during dinner service. You can fill each card with a question about soccer and the World Cup. For example, you can ask which country Manchester United is from, or who won the Wold Cup in a certain year. Encourage guests to guess the answers they don’t know – this game isn’t about winning, it’s about getting the conversation rolling!

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Photo Credit: Gary S. Chapman Photography