It doesn’t take a girly girl to love lace. The stuff is the perfect embellishment for any outfit, decorative piece or, in this case, wedding. And if you’ve considered adding lace to your big day, you aren’t alone – it’s super trendy right now! As you plan for your nuptials by formulating a theme, consider dressing up in layers of lovely lace. Take a look at these ideas to execute the perfect motif:


Add some color
When most people imagine lace, they probably think of an ivory color. The fabric I recall was antiquated, as if passed down from mother to daughter for generations. This notion isn’t off base, as lace used to be a common dowry gift. However, this is 2014, ladies! Why not update the lace look to fit into the 21st century? You can do that by ditching the off-white variety and selecting colorfully dyed lace instead. Some brides have been doing this, but many stick with safe colors such as gray and pink. Go bold for your big day by trying out green, purple or bright blue – really, any color works.

Feeling skeptical about how that would look? Ease your mind by checking out the Dressed in Lace wedding invitations from Ann’s Bridal Bargains. The invite and subsequent response cards feature a lace trim near the top and/or bottom of the stationery. You can select the color you want your lace to appear. Your choices are vast, so pick a hue you’ll love.

Swap organic for lace
Want to save money and have a totally cute wedding? Of course you do (that’s why you’re reading this blog, after all)! Cut down on your wedding budget by nixing a few flowers and making bouquets and boutonnieres out of lace instead. With a little sewing savvy, you can transform spools of lace into lovely floral alternatives. Look for fabric flower-making tutorials online – there are so many techniques from which to choose, you’re sure to end up with a bouquet of flower designs you love.

Lace luminaries
The atmosphere of your wedding should be cozy, romantic and intimate in order to reflect the overall tone of your soon-to-be marriage. This is why lighting is a big deal at weddings. Couples use string lights, chandeliers and good old-fashioned candles to illuminate their reception space. You can bring some lace into that design by hanging lace lanterns that use paper mache methods. Blow up a balloon and use glue to coat it in patches of lace fabric. Once the lace is dry, pop the balloon and fill your new lantern with a light bulb.

Photo Credit: Candles: Loverly, Veil: Loverly, Table setting: Loverly, Chair w/ lace covering: Loverly, Burlap and lace wedding cake: Loverly, Bride in lace wedding gown: Belle the Magazine Wedding cake: Danny K Photography via Once Wed