Witnessing a wedding is an emotional experience, whether it’s the marriage of your best friend or your favorite TV couple. In fact, watching a great sitcom, fully expecting to see white and hear bells can drum up some feels – I mean, it took them long enough! Of course, between the tears of joy and swallows of ice cream, you can’t help but notice the bride’s amazing dress (at least, I always check it out). Of all the shows and all the playacted weddings, a few stand out to me because of the fashion.

Monica Geller: ‘Friends’
Monica married Chandler Bing on the TV show “Friends” in 2001. The couple had a few dramatic ups and downs throughout their relationship (they hid their dating life when they first got together), but fans were thrilled to finally see them at the altar. The show’s staff had Courtney Cox (who played Geller) don a simple A-line gown that featured a V neckline. The white satin material and straightforward cut looked fantastic on Cox. She also wore a long veil over her lightly curled hair.


Charlotte York: ‘Sex and the City’
“Sex and the City” is known for its fashion, so when Charlotte (played by Kristin Davis) got married, fans knew she’d look ravishing. Of course, the bride had the opportunity to wear two gowns over the show’s history: one when she married Dr. McDougal and one when she married Harry Goldenblatt. The first dress was a simple strapless number with an embellished bodice. Her poofy veil was the perfect fit for her tight updo.

The second gown was a little more retro and avant garde. The trumpet silhouette featured a top layer of light chiffon fabric that puddled into a small train on the floor. The top of the gown covered her shoulders with cap sleeves, and a modest V neck fell over her chest. Also, the veil for dress number two only went down to Davis’s mid back – a perfect fit for her curled locks.



Lily Aldrin and Robin Scherbatsky: ‘How I Met Your Mother’
Being a huge fan of HIMYM, I couldn’t pick just one lady or a single gown – they both looked stunning!

Lily: Lily Aldrin and Marshall Erikson were the couple who made you believe in love. Together for 10 years before getting married, this couple had a wedding that was highly anticipated. The crew dressed Alyson Hannigan in an A-line strapless gown that featured a gray bow around her waist. The dress was a creamy color with gray embellishments.



Robin: Robin, played by Cobie Smulders, donned a figure-hugging mermaid gown for her wedding to Barney Stinson. The chiffon-covered dress had a sheer bodice and sleeves.


Now that you know some of my favorite TV brides and wedding dresses, I would love to hear yours! Leave me your comments bellow.

Photo Credit: Monica and Chandler: TeamWedding.com, Charlotte and Harry: Champagne Sweets, Lily and Marshall: E! Online, Robin and Barney: Glamour.com