Many brides want to carry a little luck with them down the aisle because their wedding is such a huge life moment. For most American ladies, that means gathering four objects specified in this rhyme: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe.” Of course, if you want to adhere to this fun bit of superstitious tradition, you may do so by finding creative alternatives. Today, I want to share of few of my favorite ways to carry a nostalgic (or old) item with you on your big day. After taking a look at these ideas, you can cross “find something old” off your wedding checklist:


Vintage glam
Retro or vintage pieces are totally in right now, and they’d make the perfect addition to your “something old” wedding day ensemble. Head to a thrift store or vintage resale shop to find a clutch, shoes or gloves that come from the olden days. A clutch is a fun alternative to your bouquet if you don’t feel like carrying flowers – holding one allows you to keep something in your hands. Of course, you can always save the clutch for the reception!

Retro Mary Jane shoes or pumps will totally knock your guests’ socks off! Display them proudly by kicking your heels on the dance floor. Gloves are just a ton of fun as well – I wish more people wore them every day! You can go Hollywood chic by wearing gloves that extend past your elbows, or get the mod look by donning a dainty pair that cuts off at the wrist.

Wedding gown reconstruction
If your mom or other family member offered her dress for your wedding, you may not have accepted. You can still get a new dress while channeling the old. Just incorporate that something old with a little crafty finesse. Of course, to do this, you’ll need permission to cut up the old gown. Pick your favorite feature of your mom’s dress and turn it into a sash, veil or garter. You can do this if you feel confident with a sewing machine – and I mean really confident. Otherwise, enlist the help of a skilled seamstress.

The family heirloom
If your family has that one object that gets passed down over the years, ask to use it for your wedding! Your great grandmother’s necklace is a perfect addition! Of course, you can also ask for keepsakes that belonged to family that has passed. Pin your grandfather’s army medal to your bouquet or carry your dad’s pocket watch with you. Any old item you own that has sentimental value is a memorable and meaningful way to wear your something old.