You know the rhyme: “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” The concept of the saying is that your wedding day ensemble will incorporate an item that satisfies each point on the list. Today, I want to help you brainstorm a cute way to add that bit of blue to your nuptial look. After checking out these ideas, you can cross “find something blue” off your wedding checklist:


A pop of petticoat 
Wedding gowns typically include layer upon layer of fluffy fabric meant to give the skirt volume. This part of the garment is called the petticoat. Depending where you purchase your dress, and the overall look of it, you might be able to swap the white tulle layers for blue ones. Ask your attendant if doing so is possible, then indicate which shade of blue you’d prefer. You definitely won’t be able to accomplish this if your dress does not contain a petticoat or if the skirt’s top layer is shear (otherwise the blue would show through). However, if you can pull off the petticoat swap, you’ll show off flashes of the hue as you twirl on the dance floor.

A hint of gems
Your bridal ensemble may also include jewelry, which is a perfect place to impart a little something blue. Pick pieces that have your favorite shade of gem. The jewels in your necklace, earrings and bracelet, for instance, can be anything from navy to sky blue. This is an especially good option if your nuptial colors include blue – the jewelry will fulfill the rhyme and fit your scheme!

A flash of thread
Your wedding day is an emotional experience – you’re marrying your best friend and soul mate, after all! If you expect to shed a few tears of joy as you say “I do,” carrying a handkerchief is a matter of being prepared. Wrap a monogrammed handkerchief around your bouquet stem just before you strut down the aisle. In case your well of overjoyed feelings pours over, you’ll have a reusable facial tissue all ready to go. Now, for the something blue: Choose a white fabric and have the square embroidered with your new initials. The thread featured in the monogram can be whatever hue of blue you so choose.

A secret spot
If you want a more discrete bit of color for your wedding day, consider selecting a blue garter or underwear. Brides typically slip the elastic garter around their thighs for the groom to remove later (hubba, hubba). You can purchase (or make) one that is all blue or simply has a touch of the color. Instead of the garter, you can purchase lacy blue underwear that only your spouse-to-be will see.