If you’ve been following our series on the popular rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” then all you have left to find for your big day is an item that belongs to someone else. I love the idea of borrowing an object for your wedding because it carries meaning. Whether your mom, grandma or best friend loan you something to hold, you’ll have an opportunity to have a moment with this person. Your loved ones are sharing part of their lives with you! Isn’t that precious in and of itself? If you need help deciding what to borrow, take a look at these ideas and then cross “something borrowed” off your wedding checklist:


Tick tock 
Clocks, as a symbol, carry a lot of meaning. They represent the passage of time, which is significant on your wedding day. You’re leaving your old life behind and moving forward with the person of your dreams. Mark the coming and going of your life seasons by donning a watch from your father or grandfather. You can wear a wrist or pocket watch, whichever your loved one has. Using a memento that belongs to these special guys is atypical, but heartwarming. Many women borrow objects from a lady in their family, but your dad or grandpa are sure to feel flattered when you ask for something from them.

Pinkys out
Your “somethings” don’t all have to be worn – they can be objects you use throughout the ceremony or reception. Consider borrowing a family member’s or friend’s fine or vintage china for the reception. You need dinnerware as it is, so why not choose a set that’s at once lovely and borrowed? This route is especially handy if you’re having an outdoor wedding or hosting in your home. In either case, you may need to rent dinnerware.

The dapper groom
You don’t have to be the only one borrowing something on your wedding day – the groom can as well! If your gentleman wants in on martial tradition, suggest that he borrow a pair of nice cufflinks. His father, grandfather or uncle may have a formal set. Of course, if your groom gets some cufflinks, his tuxedo (or suit) shirt will have to accommodate the accessories.

Step lightly
Your something borrowed doesn’t even have to be a tangible object – ideas work just as well! You can ask your grandparents to “borrow” their wedding song and dance to it with your new spouse. Or, you might borrow your parents vows.