When searching for ways to make your wedding programs intimate and relevant to your wedding theme, consider adding a few DIY additions to personalize them. Brides and grooms alike will be happy to know that these homemade embellishments can be an inexpensive way to give your ceremony an extra detail that guests are sure to cherish. I have here assembled my favorite DIY touches that can help you approach your ceremony planning stress free!


Ceremony toss packets
I just love looking at the wedding pictures of couples walking out from the church with confetti and glitter all around. These photos can make or break a wedding album, so why not plan a post-ceremony toss into your programs? Attach a little clear packet of your paper confetti (in your wedding colors of course) to the back of your programs with double-sided tape. There is no chance a guest will forget to toss the confetti when it’s so close at hand.

Accordion fold
If you’re similar to me and prefer a clean-cut look when it comes to stationery, this DIY project is for you. Create an 11-by-17-inch project in your word processing program of choice. Create text boxes for each section of the program, altering each to have a different color font. You will make two identical programs vertically side by side. Space each section of the program evenly, leaving room between the titles and event details. Once you have printed this paper, cut it down the middle. Next, fold the program so that each section header sits above the bend that is directly beneath it.

Issued tissues
Chances are, most of your guests are going to get choked up when it comes to the ‘I Do’ moment. Help your guests out by taping a cute little envelope containing a color-coordinated tissue to either the front or back of your program.

Fabric covers
One cheap and easy way to spice up your programs is by adding a fabric cover (I wish I used this during my wedding!). Take any fabric that blends with your colorscheme and cut strips that are double the length, but the exact width of each program. Fold each cloth over the top of the program, creating a full cover and either staple or glue it down. Tip: You can use extra fabric you have lying around at home.

Last but never least is the program fan. Just take popsicle sticks and glue your programs to the back of each. What a great way to stay cool at an outdoor wedding!