It’s tough to choose my favorite part of a wedding, but one of the top moments has to be when the bride and groom have their big beautiful exit. Not only is this a wonderful tradition at many weddings, it’s great for the couple to see happy faces as they run through the crowd.

Traditionally, the items thrown during a wedding send-off are supposed to represent fertility and abundance (which might explain why rice and seeds were so popular for decades). However, today you can choose from many creative send-off ideas for you and your guests. Here are a few of my favorites:


Used in Asia for festivals and celebrations, lanterns are a stunning sight to see at a night wedding. Just be sure to check with the venue about safety warnings, and try to purchase biodegradable lanterns so your wedding has less of a carbon footprint! You can have your guests hold the lanterns or opt for the flying kind for a dramatic finish to the big day.

Wedding bubbles
Bubbles are wonderful because they get all of your guests involved (you can even buy bulk packages where each guest gets their own tube), they are playful and fun, and they won’t make any mess at all! Your venue and vendors will certainly get behind the wedding bubble idea.

Flower petals
Calling all romantics: Flower petals might be the most dazzling natural biodegradable confetti there is. Many times, you can include throwing petals in your floral package, making your send-off beautiful as well as affordable!

I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves sparklers. They are quite the dazzling site for couples as they walk out of the reception hall and into their getaway car. Just be sure they are cleared with the venue and you have containers of water where guests can easily extinguish them.

Beach balls
Beach weddings are usually a laid-back affair, and one cute trend I’m seeing for oceanside getaway send-offs are colorful beach balls being bounced around in the crowd (a la music festival).