Not everyone feels like they have the time or talent to create DIY wedding invitations, which is why our readers love the Dress Up Your Invite series where we take a budget-friendly invite and show you how to add your own DIY accents. We think you’ll be quite tickled with the feather theme this week!

Like the idea of a peacock wedding theme? Make yourself some beautiful peacock wedding invitations with emerald green embroidery thread and peacock feathers from your local hobby store. Just stack your enclosures on top of the invite and tie it all up with a peacock feather on top. We suggest wrapping the ensemble three times so it’s extra secure — and stylish! Invitations with an elegant design element, like the Presenting invitation shown here, work the best.

Dress Up Wedding Invitation PeacockFeather

Perhaps you enjoy a more natural look. These pheasant feathers are perfect! The length of the feathers adds a unique, woodsy finish to your invitations. Just tightly loop the twine around the ends of the feathers, then wrap the twine around the invitation. Finish by knotting the twine in the back. We think these feathers look amazing with the Rustic Arrow invitation but you can do this with all kinds of invites.

Dress Up Wedding Invitation Rustic Feather

A funky twist on feather flair! These lure-style feather accents give the invitation a pop of color. We fastened the feather to an elastic cord, which we tied in a knot and wrapped around the invitation. We highly recommend looking at thermography wedding invitations to get this look. Thermography printing results in beautiful raised printing with a slight shimmer to the ink, and you get to choose from a variety of ink colors. The Today I Marry invitation shown here is a great example of this affordable style of printing.

Dress Up Wedding Invitation Funky Feather