Thermography printing is also known as raised printing, and it’s one of the most popular printing methods used today for wedding invitations. Why is it so popular? It mimics the look of engraving for a much more affordable price.

Here at Ann’s, you’ll find wedding invitations with thermography printing and digital printing. These very affordable printing methods result in beautiful invitations you’ll be proud to send to friends and family. To take a closer look at both printing methods, read “Printing Your Wedding Invitation: Thermography vs. Digital Printing

The most important thing to remember about thermography is that the end result is distinctly beautiful! We get so many reviews from customers who are surprised by the unique look and feel of thermography invitations simply because they’re not used to seeing this style of printing. Digital printing is by the far the most popular form of printing these days but if you want the quality of your wedding invitations to really stand out while still staying on budget, thermography printing is the way to go.

See the quality for yourself and order a sample of any wedding invitation for just 99¢. Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it…