Have you been dreaming of a romantic wedding with lace details? Get that gorgeous lace look on your wedding invitations, too! We threw some ideas together for DIY lace accents you can easily add to any invitation. And you thought you weren’t crafty enough for DIY wedding invitations! We aren’t really either, but we’ll show you how to fake it.

Add the sweet simplicity of lace to you wedding invitations to give them that extra bit of romance you love. We’ve wrapped white lace around the Corner Lace wedding invitation. We used glue dots to secure the lace together on the back, which also secured it to the invitation on the back. Then we tucked the enclosures inside the lace band for a beautifully finished look.


Perhaps you want a more sensual lace accent for your invitations, something a little more sultry than traditional. Elastic lace is a wonderful choice. We hand stitched the two ends of the lace together. We then slid it onto the Love Never Fails wedding invitation so the lace covered the invitation wording. The result was very pretty with a touch of dramatic flair.


Just because you want lace wedding invitations doesn’t mean they have to be vintage or country. Check out the modern accent we’ve added to these Painted Love wedding invitations. We wrapped a band of lace around the invitation and secured it with glue dots on the back. We then wrapped bakers twine around the invitation and tied in a double knot on the front.