Adding a unique touch to your wedding invitations doesn’t mean you have to make the invitations yourself. We’re all about finding cheap wedding invitations and adding your own DIY accents, which is why we started this Dress Up Your Invite series. Ann’s offers affordable wedding invitations printed on quality paper and available in all kinds of designs and styles. Just pick your favorite and add a little something to make it special!

We’ve chosen the Pretty Pansies petite invitation. We were inspired by the design itself, so we decided to pick up some purple pansies from the local greenhouse and use pressed flowers with our wedding invites.

Dress Up Your Wedding Invite: Pressed Flowers

We thought about attaching the pansies to the invitation but we didn’t want to ruin the invitation with glue or adhesive of any kind. Plus, pansies are very delicate flowers and may not have held up well. Instead, we decided to place pansies inside the envelope along with the invitation. When recipients open the envelope, there will be a pretty little surprise waiting for them inside!

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