The night before your wedding is almost as fun as the wedding itself. All your closest friends and family, gathered together to rehearse and celebrate the two of you – what could be better?!

As couples as shopping for rehearsal dinner invitations, we sometimes get asked about another name for this night-before-the-wedding tradition…

Q: What is a Rehearsal Dinner vs. a Groom’s Dinner?

The difference between a rehearsal dinner and groom’s dinner is simply who is hosting.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents pay for the majority of the actual wedding, and the groom’s parents would host a celebratory meal the night before (a.k.a. the groom’s dinner).

However, many families aren’t adhering to these traditional financial roles any longer. More and more couples are paying for their own wedding costs or families are contributing in a variety of different ways. This means anyone can host the celebratory meal before the wedding, which is then referred to as a rehearsal dinner.

The host of the rehearsal dinner takes care of planning the dinner, including finding a location, paying for food, beverage and decorations and often leading any toasts or speeches that may occur.

The host will also take care of sending rehearsal dinner invitations to the appropriate people. Don’t skip this important step! Who you invite to your rehearsal or groom’s dinner is really up to you. But, be sure to include all members of your wedding party (don’t forget the officiant) as well as any special out of town guests that you want extra time with.

Enjoy your time celebrating before the big day! xoxo