Whether you’re having a destination wedding on the beach in Mexico or have chosen a travel theme for your wedding celebration at home, maps are a wonderful way to dress up your wedding invitations!

Wedding Invite Maps

1. Surprise!
Sometimes you don’t have to do anything to the invitation itself to make an impact on guests. Print out maps or find old maps from your local thrift store and cut them down to create DIY envelope liners. We suggest using double-sided tape or spray adhesive to adhere the liners to your envelopes. This fun detail will surprise recipients while perfectly portraying your love for travel! We created envelopes liners to complement one of our favorite travel wedding invitations, the Boarding Pass Invitation.

2. Heartfelt Details
Get yourself a heart-shaped paper stamp and some old maps from your local thrift store. You’ll be able to quickly and easily create confetti to include in your wedding invitation ensembles. Just drop some hearts into the envelope with the invitation and a few will fall out when recipients open the invites. We paired the heart confetti with the One Heart Invitation because we’re not afraid to put a lot of heart into our invitation designs!

3. Watercolor Display
Accent bands are a wonderful way to dress up simple wedding invitations, and maps are an inexpensive yet incredibly unique resource for creating accents that fit your wedding style and theme. We stumbled upon a very cool site called www.maps.stamen.com that will turn any location into a watercolor map! Using this tool, we were able to create an accent band that fit beautifully beneath the names featured on the Elegant Script Invitation. We used glue dots to secure the band to the back of the invitation.

4. Wide Open Spaces
Last but certainly not least, we really enjoyed dressing up the Wild Ride Seal and Send Invitation with a full-size map on the back. Not only is the map useful for your wedding guests, it looks awesome and complements the motorcycle theme perfectly. Since we chose an ecru wedding invitation, we printed the map on ecru paper as well to create a seamless look from front to back. Again, we suggest using spray adhesive or double-sided tape to adhere the map to the backs of your invitations.