How to choose an RSVP date.
According to wedding RSVP etiquette, the respond by date on your wedding response cards should be 2-4 weeks before the wedding date. You will want to check with your wedding venue and caterer for their requirements as well. Give yourself at least a week between your RSVP date and the date your venue and caterer need a guest count. You will need to call guests who haven’t responded so you can get an accurate head count for the venue and caterer.

Finding the right RSVP style.
When the time comes to choose wedding RSVP cards, ask yourself the following questions:
– Are you a more traditional, casual or modern couple?
– Are you hoping to save money on your invitation ensemble?
– What is most convenient for your wedding guests?

Take a look at all three response options below and choose the one that best fits your needs.

A Complete Guide to Wedding RSVPs

Card Type:
Single-sided flat card with response wording on one side. Envelopes are included

Prep Steps:
Have the return address of the person collecting the response cards printed or written on all response card envelopes. This person could be the bride, a sister, the mother of the bride, etc. All envelopes should include a postage stamp for the convenience of your guests.

How It Works:
Each guest fills out the card, places it in the envelope and drops it in the mail. This is the traditional (and still the most common) method for gathering responses from wedding guests

Card Type:
Two-sided postcard with design and wording on both sides. Envelopes are not needed.

Prep Steps:
The return address is printed directly on the back of the response postcard since envelopes aren’t needed. Response wording is printed on the front. Postcards should be stamped with a postcard-rate stamp for the convenience of your guests.

How It Works:
Guests fills out the front of the card and drops it directly in the mail. Very simple and cost-effective.

Card Type:
No card needed. Add response wording to the bottom of your wedding invitations or on the back of two-sided invitations. Better yet, shop our collection of Invitations with Online Reply for the perfect invite.

Prep Steps:
When personalizing your wedding invitations, make sure all of the necessary response information is included. You will want to list an RSVP date with your reply service website, which is often offered through your wedding website. We suggest adding an email and/or phone number for older guests who may not be as familiar with an online reply service.

How It Works:
Guests visit the website listed on your wedding invitations and reply via the website. Instructions are often provided on the website for your guests. Remember to watch for emails, phone calls and texts you wouldn’t otherwise expect.

How to word response cards.
The wording on your response cards should follow the formality you used on your wedding invitations. We’re talking about rules like:
– Spell out every word, even dates, times and address abbreviations.

– Avoid commas and periods — line breaks are used instead.

– Do not capitalize the first word of every line.

– Be consistent from the invite to the reply card when spelling words like “favor” and “favour.”

If you would like to learn more about formal wedding invitation wording, read 10 Tips for Wording Formal Wedding Invitations. If you’re looking for specific wording examples for your rsvp cards, here are a few of our favorites:

Basic RSVP Wording
The favour of a reply is requested
before May 15, 2021
M ______________
__ will attend
__ not able to attend

RSVP Wording with Meal Choices
The courtesy of a reply is requested
by May 15, 2021
M ______________
Please indicate number of each
Filet Mignon __ Chicken Kiev __

Online RSVP Wording 
Kindly reply by May 15, 2021
to our wedding website

Want to see more? Read How to Word your RSVP Cards.