A birch bark wedding honors the beauty of nature as well as its rustic charms. If you’re planning a birch bark theme for your wedding, we fully support your choice! This theme is elegant, whimsical and very affordable.

Get this look! Birch Bark

Carved with Love
We have to point out how incredibly romantic the carved heart theme is in this birch bark wedding look. You’ll find the heart theme on everything from the wedding cake to the wedding invitations. Check out the carved heart and infinity design on this Birch Beauty Invitation. The neat thing about this style of invitation is that it includes room for additional information so you don’t have to spend extra on additional enclosures. Check out the entire collection of Wedding Invitations with Online Reply.

Naturally Abundant
If you’re a fan of this look, you’re probably in an area (or within drivable distance) where birch trees are plentiful. We suggest using birch as much as possible in your wedding décor. You don’t have to cut down living trees to do so. Just take a walk through the woods and you’ll find plenty of fallen birch trees you can use in a variety of ways. Oh, and don’t forget to take plenty of wedding photos in the natural setting you hold so dear. Imagine admiring a photo like the one shown above hanging in your own home for years and years after the wedding.

Get Crafty
Once you’ve gathered your birch tree materials, it’s time to get crafty! You’ll find that birch bark is quite versatile. You can write on it, bend it, curl it and more. The birch bark centerpiece with flowers and candles is a great example of getting crafty with birch bark. The wedding sign hanging on a tree is another great use of birch bark. You might even consider asking your future husband to get involved by making some place card holders like the ones shown above. Those paired with some custom wedding napkins at your wedding reception will lend just the right amount of beautiful details to your reception.

Photo Credits: Place Cards and Holders: Kate Preftakes Photography via Style Me Pretty, Cake:  The Grovers, Candle Centerpieces: HBA Photography, Couple in Trees: Invites Weddings, Sign: Joleen Willis via Capitol Romance