Kelly green is a fun color no matter where or how you use it. Pair it with navy and you’ve got a winning combination that’s cheerful and attractive! Here are a few ideas we love for a kelly green and navy wedding.

Color Love: Kelly Green and Navy

Get the blues…
Blue is a fabulous wedding color in all its different shades but navy is a stately hue that looks crisp and clean, and it’s perfect for toning down its lively friend, kelly green. We brought the two colors together on this ultra stylish Presenting Sep and Send Wedding Invitation. The bold colors play well with this invite’s eye-catching typography layout. Did you know you can personalize most wedding invitations with your choice of font colors? So don’t worry if you’re not finding a design in the colors you want. You can make that happen all on your own.

Get your kicks!

Why shouldn’t the groom be just as excited about his wedding shoes as the bride? The green and blue Converse shoes shown here are a fantastic display of personality! The bride can wear matching shoes underneath her dress or both the bride and groom can keep it classy during the ceremony and change into their fun-loving kicks later on for the reception.

Green comes naturally.
Flower bouquets and floral arrangements will provide a certain amount of green in your décor naturally, so don’t worry too much about making sure you have enough of the color green. The table scape shown here has a beautiful green table runner with a cute little white and green floral arrangement and then some navy striped vases. The groom and bridesmaids are in navy blue attire with just the tie and bouquets sporting a little green. A nice way to keep things subtle but if you want kelly green bridesmaid dresses, go for it!

Photo Credits: Centerpiece: Dani Fine Photography via The Frosted Petticoat, Cake: Catherine Mac Photography via the pretty blog, Bridesmaids: Ann Wade Photography via The Sonnet House, Groom’s Tie: Portal de Labores, Paper Straws: Etsy, Shoes: Rebekah Hoyt Photography via Capitol Romance