Ann’s Bridal Bargains specializes in designing affordable wedding invitations that rival those of our higher priced competitors. We have the knowledge and the expertise it takes to create inexpensive invitations without sacrificing quality. Our most extraordinary collections capitalize on space and creative layouts. These are not your ordinary invites!
Not Your Ordinary Invite
Seal and Send™ Wedding Invitations
The seal and send invitation is the perfect example of clever design and an efficient use of space. Everything you need (invite, reception wording and response card) is included in this self-mailing invitation. You don’t even need envelopes. Simply fold, seal and send. Seal and sends are available in a huge variety of designs and styles.

Invitations with Online Reply
The look and layout is similar to a seal and send, but the invitation with online reply provides space for online response wording rather than a detachable response postcard. These invitations were designed to accommodate online RSVPs, which are becoming quite popular among today’s couples. Each invite features your invitation wording, room for other information such as reception wording, an RSVP date and your wedding website (or email and phone number).

Z-Fold Wedding Invitations
We love z-fold wedding invitations because they are incredibly unique plus they give you lots of room to display your wedding details. You’ll even find beautiful photo designs to showcase your favorite engagement photo(s). These gorgeous invites are sure to surprise your guests and the price will come as quite the shock to you.

Sep and Send Wedding Invitations
Sep and Send wedding invitations represent ingenuity and expertise that only decades in the wedding invitation industry can provide. Smart design and efficient printing produce our sep and sends, which feature the invitation, response card and reception card all on one sheet of paper. Each piece is lightly perforated for separating before sending (envelopes included). The benefit is a beautifully coordinated ensemble for a very affordable price.

All in One Wedding Invitations
All in one wedding invitations use the front and back of the invitation to display your wedding details plus they come with a free response card. So once again, you get everything you need for one low price. Such a simple solution for budget-minded couples yet many wedding invitation companies don’t provide and/or promote this very practical option.