We simply have to address this issue. Big mistakes happen all too often and the fact is they are easily avoided by asking a few people to proofread your wording before submitting your order for wedding invitations. Our resident wordsmith, Shanna, shares the most common mistakes that occur due to lack of proofreading.

Take Our Advice: Get Help Proofreading!

Common Mistake #1: Names are misspelled on the invitation. Crazy, I know, until it happens to you! Either the name was mistyped or the bride or groom didn’t verify the spelling.”

Common Mistake #2: “The time and/or date is missing. Again, a seemingly silly error but it happens all the time. There are several details to remember here: the day of the week, the date (this is what’s missing above), the year and the time of the ceremony.”

Common Mistake #3: “Ceremony and/or reception addresses are missing. Sometimes the address is added to the invite and not the reception card or vice versa, or it’s missing from both. Always add location names and addresses, and consider adding map cards to be extra helpful.”

It’s easy to overlook important details after you’ve been staring at the same wording for so long. We totally get it! That’s why recruiting friends and family members to proofread your wedding invitation wording is SO important. If you want a full list of things to watch for when proofreading, read 15 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Invitations.”