Thinking outside the box is exactly what you need to do to save yourself a little money, and sometimes the result can be better than anything you would have planned following trends and traditions. That’s how we feel about the Sunday Brunch Wedding. Not only is it less expensive for you, for a variety of reasons, it’s an incredibly memorable occasion because it’s totally unique from anything you’re guests have ever experienced. Here’s how to do it!

A Sunday Brunch wedding is all about location!
Make sure you find the perfect spot for hosting this fun and casual soirée. A large pavilion at your favorite park, the café/restaurant you frequent on the weekends, your church’s social hall. These are all great spots. Check into a few common wedding spaces, too. Why? Because you’ll find they are MUCH less expensive to rent on a Sunday morning/afternoon than on Saturday nights. You might be able to score that gorgeous wedding location you’ve always wanted for a price you can actually afford.

Wait, when does the ceremony happen?
Totally up to you! You can do an early morning ceremony at 9 a.m. and a Sunday Brunch reception at 10:30 a.m. Perhaps you plan on having a private ceremony before the day of the reception or maybe you have chosen a destination wedding and want a Sunday Brunch as your at-home reception. Something to keep in mind is that some churches may not allow a Sunday morning wedding ceremony, so if you’re hoping to get married in a place of worship you will want to confirm their policies.

The wedding invitation should capture a casual Sunday vibe.
The wedding invitations are very important for a Sunday Brunch wedding. The invite communicates all the important details, which are even more important with a wedding that’s stepping outside of the norm. The invitation should be very clear that you are planning a brunch. If “brunch” is not mentioned on the invitation, then make sure the day, date and time are very prominent. Remember that if you mention brunch on the invitation, guests will expect a full meal.

Put a little extra thought into your meal.
A Sunday Brunch is an exciting celebration that promises to provide a delicious menu of breakfast and lunch goodies. Talk with your partner about what style of food you want to serve whether it’s buffet-style, plated or appetizer stations. Also talk about whether your brunch will be more breakfast than lunch or more lunch than breakfast. Be sure to provide your guests with menu cards at the reception, and you’ll enjoy how attractive they are on your reception tables.

Drinks before noon? Totally acceptable!
Just because you’re celebrating early on Sunday doesn’t mean you have to skip having cocktails but it does mean you’ll be spending a lot less on alcohol (YAY!). You can certainly serve some morning cocktails like mimosas, screwdrivers and bloody marys. If you’re not interested in alcohol, have a juice bar or a coffee bar. Your guests will love whatever beverages you provide and you’ll be happy to skip the cost of alcohol all together. Plus, no alcohol means you don’t have to worry about your venue approving a licensed liquor provider.

When it comes to dessert, keep it light and keep it fun.
You can be super creative with your Sunday Brunch dessert. Maybe you’ll have lots of sweets as a part of your brunch menu. Then you might want a simple dessert like small cream puffs or mini cheesecakes. If you’re planning a more savory meal, consider a pastry bar or a towering “cake” of donuts. If you want a traditional wedding cake, go for it! However, we suggest keeping it light and minimal.

Photo Credits: French Toast: Lauren Blair Photography via Hostess with the Mostess, Mimosas: Love Life Studios via Hostess with the Mostess, Floral Centerpieces: CONNIE DAI via Grey Likes Weddings