Autumn is such a beautiful time of year to get married, and every couple having a fall wedding needs the perfect fall wedding invitations to introduce their style and personalities. Here are our top 10 most affordable fall wedding invitations featuring designs you’re going to love!

Top 10 Affordable Fall Wedding Invitations

1. Forever Fall Seal and Send Invitation
Surprise your guests with wedding invitations that celebrate your love for the season! Autumn leaves drift elegantly beside your wording on these seal and send wedding invitations.

2. Birch Beauty Invitation with Online Reply
A birch background in charming watercolor is perfect for your nature-inspired wedding. The monogram heart on the front and the infinity symbol inside appears as if burned into the birch. (BONUS: these invitations feature space for your online reply info so you don’t have to spend money on additional response cards.)

3. Tied in Knots Invitation
The rustic charm of wood is given a gentle touch of design with a delicate floral frame wrapped around your wording. You’ll love this rustic yet delicate and pretty invite!

4. Woodland Feathers All in One Invitation
Feathers are one of nature’s most beautiful treasures, and we’ve gathered a few to present your wedding details in natural style. Woodland feathers wrap around your wording while a woodgrain background lays a rustic foundation.

5. Fall Florals Seal and Send Invitation
Uniquely beautiful and perfect for a one-of-a-kind autumn wedding, these seal and send wedding invitations feature a gorgeous watercolor floral arrangement framing your wording.

6. Autumn Breeze Separate and Send Invitation
A cool autumn breeze is beautifully illustrated on these fall wedding invitations perfect for your autumn wedding. (BONUS: Sep and Sends feature all three stationery pieces you need—the invitations, response cards and reception cards—for one low price!

7. Leaf Menagerie Invitation with Free Response Postcard
The frame of leaves swirling around your wording on these fun and refreshing wedding invitations strikes up memories of summer hikes and autumn days.

8. Rustic Details All In One Invitation
A pretty twist on rustic style means these fall invitations are naturally perfect for the two of you. A charming illustration of sawed wood sections is accented with autumn leaves and wheat.

9. Modern Leaves Seal and Send Invitation
A unique fall wedding invitation that incorporates the season’s naturally beautiful colors with your modern sense of style. (BONUS: Seal and Sends offer everything you need in one self-mailing invitation and they don’t require envelopes!)

10. Floral Fancy Seal and Send Invitation
Naturally pretty and eye-catching! Wildflowers look sweet and simple against a natural woodgrain background on these seal and send invitations. Faux gold foil adds a bit of modern flair.