Personalized address stamps are an easy (and stylish!) way to address your save the dates, wedding invitations and thank you notes. Oh, and these stamps are designed to last so you can use them long after the wedding!

Personalized stamps by PSA Essentials are self-inking stamps and each inkpad is good for up to 10,000 impressions. Each stamp comes with one stamper, a personalized Peel & Stick stamp and a black inkpad. The patented Peel & Stick® design means you can use the same stamper with different stamps. You can order custom stamps right here at Ann’s, which are perfect for adding a finishing touch to favor boxes, place cards, gift tags and other wedding details, or you can find lots of fun stamp packs featuring a variety of designs at PSA Essentials.

So what’s holding you back? Maybe you’re worried about wedding etiquette. A bride isn’t supposed to use the groom’s last name until after the wedding ceremony after all. We believe practicality can outweigh etiquette and with so many couples sharing an address these days, personalized stamps make a lot of sense.

Perhaps you think it’s bad luck…no worries! Custom stamps make a really sweet gift. Order a custom stamp as a wedding gift for your future spouse and use it on your thank you notes and everyday correspondence after the wedding.