Say hello to the soft, luxurious and romantic look of vintage roses! You are going to LOVE this wedding theme for so many reasons but mostly because it’s simply beautiful. You might think it’s impossible to have any kind of rose wedding theme on a budget but don’t you worry. We’ve broken this theme into three key categories, and we’ll give you inexpensive ideas for each one.

The vintage rose wedding theme is all about color. As you can see, red roses are nowhere in sight. Why? Because the dusty pastel rose color you see here is what makes this look vintage. It reflects an entirely different era, a simpler one where garden roses were the epitome of beautiful and soft colors were oh so elegant. Our budget tip to you is to capitalize on this color. You can find affordable décor options and bridesmaid dresses that fit this color theme beautifully. We always recommend starting with the wedding invitations! Take a look at our collection of vintage wedding invitations, which includes the beauty you see here: Vintage Roses.

Creating an ambiance is important when trying to achieve that romantic vintage feel we all love. We highly recommend using candlelight at your ceremony and/or reception. It immediately adds a lovely glow to the venue and allows guests to really relax. You can gather a variety of candles in different shapes and sizes from thrift stores and garage sales to save yourselves money. They certainly don’t all have to match, especially if they’ll be placed amongst other decorations. If your venue doesn’t allow candles, consider using white lights to get that pretty glow. We suggest borrowing white Christmas lights from friends and family.

Notice how we said flowers, not fresh flowers. Of course, you will want some fresh flowers to really bring this look to life but that doesn’t mean you need a large arrangement at every table or lots of roses in every bouquet. Use a couple roses per arrangement and fill the rest with lush greenery or other inexpensive flowers like carnations. Then start thinking of other ways you can incorporate “roses” into your wedding. A good example is the napkin we’ve shown here. These custom wedding napkins feature a rose design and the couple’s names in rose gold foil, and they’re incredibly affordable. They’ll make a big impact on your wedding guests!

Photo Credits: Bridesmaids: Kati Mallory via Southern Weddings, Reception: Ready Luck via Style Me Pretty, Cake: Esmeralda Franco via Bridal Shower Ideas, Groom: Paula O’Hara, Arch: Fourstops Photography