One of the worst things about shopping for wedding invitations is realizing you don’t just need an invitation, you need an invitation, response card and reception card. You can imagine what that does for the price, and you can bet there aren’t many alternatives out there…except for here at Ann’s Bridal Bargains!

We’ve created an all in one wedding invitation where everything you need is included in the price of one invitation! They’re called Invitations with Free Response Postcards, and you’ll be happy to know they come with the invitation, response postcard, reception wording and mailing envelopes for one low price.

How does it work? These all in one invites are designed to use space more efficiently. The invitation wording is printed on the front of the invitation. Your reception wording or other wording (like accommodations info) is printed on the back. Plus you get a matching response postcard with the invitation, which saves you money in postage!

Invitations with Free Response Postcards aren’t the first of their kind here at Ann’s Bridal Bargains. If you haven’t checked out Seal and Send Wedding Invitations, you should! These self-mailing invites include your invitation wording, reception wording and a response postcard in one, easy-to-mail piece.