Feel like your love was written in the stars? Perhaps you and your partner had a chance meeting that almost didn’t happen. Or maybe the two of you have known each other since grade school and reconnected as adults. We love a good love story and there’s nothing more romantic than using the magic of the night sky as your wedding day theme.

First Things First
Your wedding invitation introduces your wedding style or theme to your guests. Nail your romantic star theme with this In The Stars Wedding Invitation. Of course, we love this invitation for its unique style and sweet constellation motif, but what we adore is the price! Just 99¢ for the entire suite! And yes, your rsvp cards are included! That’s one crazy-affordable invitation. Now, let’s follow the lead on this invitation and weave the look through your entire day.

The Blues
The blue ombre coloring on your invitation is totally gorgeous and gives you so much to play with. The palette ranges from midnight blue to light sky blue and the silver undertones feel moody and dark in an ultra-romantic way. There is such a thing as too much blue, so carry your palette throughout your day with carefully chosen details. Let’s focus on the bride and groom. First, make sure some of the brides dress or accessories sparkle as bright as the stars. We love the featured hair pins here! You could also choose a dress with clear or rhinestone beading, but make sure it’s dainty and plentiful. On the groom, we love a midnight blue tux. Choose black accessories like shoes and neckwear for a celestial look you’ll both love.

Timing is Everything
We realize that actually getting married under the stars may not be right for everyone. Depending on the time of year, and your location, that could mean one late night ceremony! If it does work, we say DO IT! Can you imagine anything more romantic? Now, if you’re like most couples and prefer to get married in the light of day, you should still put some thought into your start time. If you’re able to, time it so that your reception begins at dusk. The lighting will set the tone for your reception. Your guests will be welcomed with the soft glow of the sunset and your photographer will thank you for the gorgeous lighting.

Bride hair: EricaElizabethDesign via Etsy, Constellation Glasses: BallouSky via Emmaline Bride, Couple under the stars: Jake and Necia Photography via Green Wedding Shoes, Wedding Reception: Fantastical Wedding Stylings, Cake: Happy Wedd