Destination weddings are always fun but a Las Vegas wedding is its own kind of wonderful! We’ve grabbed our favorite wedding invitation and paired it with some other cute finds to give you some ideas for your own Vegas wedding.

Old Vegas Vibes
Las Vegas is filled with lights and shows and gambling but one of the best parts is downtown where old Las Vegas still lives. A great retro vibe that many people prefer over the strip, and a great place to get married! The Vegas Wedding Invitation captures that old-school feel and also inspired our fabulous color scheme. You’ll find this invite in our collection of destination wedding invitations, which is filled with other stylish designs for a variety of locals.One thing you’ll love about all of them is the price!

Lucky you!
Every Vegas wedding should have an element of luck whether it’s the perfect photo op like the Lady Luck backdrop shown or special cuff links for the groom like shown. You might even hand out lottery tickets as favors but you should definitely make a special trip to one of the casinos and see just how lucky you really are. Make sure to bring your entourage, if you have one, to get some extra special snapshots in the casinos.

Marquee Lights
Lights, lights and more lights! Las Vegas is lit up and full of amazing photo ops. Make sure you have some marquee design elements at your ceremony or reception because they really create the perfect look and feel. You can add your own special touch of personalization and sparkle with something cute and simple like the custom napkin shown. The gold foil “cheers” design is a great choice for a Vegas wedding. Napkins are nice because they’re affordable, they pack easy and they’re light. Not to mention they go great with a cocktail!

Photo Credits: Lady Luck: Jamie Y Photography, Dessert Table:The Why We Love via 100 Layer Cake, Bridesmaids: via want that wedding Groom:Lisa Digiglio via Ruffled Blog, Cuff Links: Etsy