A bold and impressive choice, jewel tones will help you create an unforgettable wedding look. Let your personalities shine brightly through each and every color you choose to make up your palette.

Rich in Color
Jewel tones are brilliant, saturated colors inspired by the world’s finest jewels like sapphires, emeralds and rubies. A jewel tone wedding can focus on just a few colors or several. We’re showing some beautiful ideas of gathering a variety of jewel tones to create a look that’s so beautiful it’s almost magical. The bridesmaid dresses, bridal bouquet and candles are fabulous examples of how these colors can work so wonderfully together.

Precious and Pretty
Precious jewels are precious for a reason—we can’t stop looking at them! Bringing these colors into your wedding is a great way to add a whole lot of personality while still creating something truly beautiful. We recommend choosing subtle but elegant wedding invitations that hint at what’s to come. We chose the Keep It Simple Wedding Invitations, which can be customized with your choice of background color to match your wedding colors.

Regal Finish
Of course, jewel tones remind us of those sparkly little rocks we all want to drape around our necks, and who does that better than royalty? Adding some regal design touches to your wedding look is an excellent choice. Jewel tones and lavish accents belong together like the wedding cake and chocolates presented on a gold-tone, patterned cake stand or the gold serving ware next to each place setting on the reception table shown.

Photo Credits: Bridal Bouquet: Fete Photography via Wedding Chicks, Bridesmaids: Amy Caroline Photography, Candles: Jodie Chapman’s via 100 Layer Cake, Earrings: Etsy, Dessert Table: Julie Paisley Photography via Burnetts Boards, Reception Table: via Happy Wedd